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Hello, and welcome to my page my name is Ashley Cayden and I studied Certificate in Canine Myofunctional Therapy (dog massage) through the National College of Traditional Medicine in November 2012 to December 2013.


I started my dog massage journey after my Whippet Sam completely tore his Achilles tendon, there was no rehabilitation for this injury and no follow-up treatment for it. I suppose looking back at it now there may have been physiotherapy however that was not even mentioned by the vet as a follow-up treatment. So this is where my search started into dog massage and the journey began to present day still learning more and more releases for humans and animals alike.


While doing my assignment for my canine myofunctional therapy or CMT, I found a holistic vet in Greenslopes called Animal Wellness and approached Zoe the former practice manager to see if I could come in and do some dog massage. I had to meet the head vet Elaine Cebuliak and we chatted about what I was doing and chose a day for the free massage for the dogs.


I have formed a friendship with Elaine and if I ever have questions or need help with anything she is happy to answer, especially in relation to treatments of dogs that I am treating who have a bit more going on than just muscular issues. I also did a massage course with Elaine that taught me more modalities. I still tend to use those modalities from time to time depending on the dog.


I had started learning about Reiki in 2010 and quickly realised how much of a benefit to me it was in healing aspects of me not only physically but in all ways possible, I then added Seichim to my healing modalities in 2013 and became a master teacher in 2015. I go to a Reiki share group in Goodna to have and give regular healings and recommend to anyone wanting to know or experience Reiki to find a share group.


In 2013, I kept hearing about the Emmett technique and by the third time I heard about either Emmett technique or Ross Emmett the man who founded the Emmett technique, I decided to look into it and quickly booked into the first course for people and have loved it since. I have done the Emmett professional levels (EP) so I can learn more human muscle releases not only for myself but for you and your pets also.


Two Feet And Four Paws was founded in 2013 and have changed and grown as I learn more and add more to my toolbox.


My Techniques I use for pets are:


  • Emmett4Animals technique

  • Remedial massage

  • Cross fiber mobilization

  • Advanced deep tissue massage

  • Shiatsu/Tui na (Chinese acupressure massage)

  • Canine myofunctional therapies



There are many techniques when massaging animals. Some of these include effleurage strokes, palpations, stretches, holds, and switches when used to target and treat specific areas. As each animal has different needs and problem areas.

In 2018 I found about energy healing called the nine rights to the Munay-ki, I found a person who could give me the rites on the sunshine coast of Queensland. I then set about receiving the right to help me get a deeper connection to myself and my spirituality.

In 2019 I then was told about Peiec® healing had a course running in Brisbane, I booked into that course and have been evolving, healing and changing since. I have a much deeper connection to God/ Source than I ever could have imagined or hoped. I am now a level 1 practitioner in Peiec®, I offer transformation sessions to people and animals to heal and become whole calm in stillness.

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