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Emmett for People
$80 per treatment I can come to you or you can come to me whatever is easiest for you. Group booking are welcome.
Emmett for Dog & Handler
$130 per treatment for dog and handler group booking are welcome
Emmett for Horses

Horse treatments $60 per horse or if a group booking or more than one horse $50 each horse. Group booking are welcome.

Emmett4Annimals short course

will teach you in just 6 hours
how to relieve common muscle
restrictions in your dog $175

Book a group to learn or email to find out when the next course is running.

Emmett for Dogs & Cats
$60 per treatment or $50 for two or more dogs, booked for the same day. Group bookings are welcome
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Peiec® healing sessions $120

$360 for three Transformation


Reiki / Seichim for Animals
$100 per session for both people and animals.
Emmett for Horse and Rider

Horse and rider treatment for $130.00 per horse and rider group booking are welcome

EMM-TECH short course

EMM-Tech Short Course

Discover simple muscle release techniques to benefit you and your family. $250

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