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Peiec Healing







Peiec® (pronounced peak) stands for the energetic layers of self, developed by Sandra J.






Core is the perfect, untainted part of self that is there from the moment of conception and holds our inner wisdom, our pure connection to Source/ God / Universe and our life purpose. Core wants nothing more than for us to heal across the totality of self in this lifetime. It is from Core that we walk with purity and love and are moved into compassion to make a difference. When we flow from Core through the layers, we stand in a place of calm, of pure purpose vibrating at a level that brings life, healing, peace, calm and clarity.

As we experience life, positive and negative ‘Life moments’ (energetic clusters) are created and land across these energetic layers. These life moments are connected via intricate threads on the layers, all connecting to one another due to a similar event, incident or circumstance.

As low vibrating negative life moments build-up, they flow out to the physical vessel to create disease, illness, pain, anger, fear, overwhelm etc and a disconnect to self and others.

Peiec® teaches how to identify these life moments, calming and releasing them to create powerful and significant shifts across the energetic layers, which floods out to create transformation and healing in the physical vessel. As deeper healing occurs and more life moments are released we are able to hold more light and are able to vibrate at a higher frequency. As we become infused with Source in every moment we step into a space of presence and calmness.

Peiec® teaches simple processes that are proven to work to shift someone from a state of anxiety and sadness to a state of calmness and peace in a matter of minutes.

We empower others to change their own lives, by teaching you how to quickly and effectively shift your current reality to significantly decrease your pain and overwhelm -without creating more trauma.

Peiec® allows us to release the energetic, emotional and intellectual attachments to our stories, which allows our entire physical vessel and reality to heal. Our stories no longer hold us bound, and we are able to live life with more peace, presence, health and purpose.

Peiec® uses our own unique and pure connection to the all that is, our own flavour of energy that flows from the core of self to create change and transformation in our own lives, and the lives of others.

When we have pure connection to Source, there is no need for thought, no rise and fall of emotion and no desire for an outcome.

Our courses have been designed to be practical and interactive within in a safe and inclusive environment where age, gender, race, spiritual beliefs, previous knowledge, learning abilities or past history does not hinder one from learning and experiencing what peiec has to offer.

Peiec® provides a fast track to your spiritual evolution.

Your journey through peiec allows a higher state of consciousness, an expansion of awareness and connection, as well as release from pain, sickness and illness.

The guided messages and teachings have been given at this time to shift humanity from a state of anxiety and chaos to one of pure peace and happiness.

How many sessions do I need?

It is recommended to have more than one session as healing with peiec® energy medicine is a process. It is a journey that requires acceptance and commitment to Self.

I offer Transformational Journey Packages which include 3 or 6 appointments. held over a number of weeks.

A session takes around 60 minutes and can be offered in person, via phone, FaceTime, Zoom or Skype.

Also, follow up calls are provided.

Each session starts with a conversation between the client and the practitioner. Afterwards, the client is made comfortable on a chair or treatment table and asked to close their eyes and relax while the practitioner starts to release life moments energetically and offers hands-on bodywork as required. peiec® energy medicine is very soft and gentle,  but emotions can arise when flared up life moments are worked on. 

It is important to know that you are safe and these emotions/life moments will be released rapidly.

It is recommended to drink plenty of water after a session and give to Self to process and accept what has been given.



Ashley Cayden is a Level 1 Peiec® Energy Medicine practitioner who through his journey of healing discovered a way to come home to self. Through the process of healing, he was able to feel comfortable and safe enough to transform into his true self. Always knowing who he was and now finding this is the time to live in his truth. As he started transitioning using Peiec® he found it beneficial and would like to help other transgender people as they transition to find inner peace, happiness and acceptance of themselves. Gender dysphoria, pain and anxiety is something no one needs to feel no matter where you sit or do not sit within the LGBTIQ+ family. If you would like to have transformations sessions please contact Ashley today.





Ashley has written a chapter in A beautiful you, is an uplifting collection of stories woven from Anundi Sano's own experience as well as those of her students and clients. These stories can help you find an untapped reservoir of capacity within, to experience the steady light in the depth of darkness.

Beautiful you will leave you committed to never again diminish your light or limit the capacity of who you are.

it shows us that we can have the ability to reclaim our voice, redefine our story, heal deeply, create the life we desire and step into a place of deep stillness and inner peace.

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