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Videos of Tilly's Treatment and Recovery

This is Tilly she is three years old Maltese Poodle that has possible slipped disc or disc disease, first presenting to the vets with stomach pain. A week later the dog was lame in the back-end not standing or being stable like normal, dragging her back legs and generally flopping from side to side while most of her body weight on the front legs. She was in discomfort because of the pain that was in her stomach, is a referred pain which comes from the spine.


The treating vet did x-rays and wanted an MRI done to find out if there was now an issue with her spine somewhere. The owners had spent a fair amount of money on treating the possible stomach issue that they could not afford to pay for a very high costing MRI. So took Tilly home to have rest in the hopes that things would settle. This is when they told me about what was going on and I then had a chat to my holistic vet Dr Elaine Cebuliak at Animal Wellness in Greenslopes, Brisbane, about what could be going on with Tilly and she told me that it could be a slipped disc and so a treatment plan was given including essential oils and where to put them. And with Emmett technique the areas I was about to work on would open the neurological pathways in the spine, and quickly release all the very tight sore muscles with as little discomfort as possible. I used only Emmett Technique on Tilly for quick treatments that work very effectively and very quickly without causing distress that some treatments can and do.


I felt that in this case canine massage was not going to work very well or other modalities I have used in the past. I got Tilly's owners to put the oils on her three times a day for a few months to also her discs where the pain reduced and any inflammation was also reduced. Tilly had a total of five treatments twice a week most of the time; her last treatment was on the 11/11/15. The videos are four of the seven videos taken of her progress. The first is a few days after the first treatment and I am still kicking myself I didn’t get a video of the before, you can see in the first video how wobbly she is to the last video, a month after her fifth treatment.


To see more videos you can go to my YouTube channel

Tilly three days after first treatment. I wasn't able to get a video of her before treatment, unfortunately. However, this video shows how unstable she was after the first treatment she was unable to stand up at all for more than one second without flopping from side to side and dragging back feet with her tops of her feet scraping the ground when she did walk 16/10/15.

Tilly again after her second treatment once again a few days after the treatment on 19/10/15. I know she's not walking 100% but she is walking and has control of her own body doing what she needs to do.

This is Tilly on 11/11/15 her last treatment, treatment five not bad considering she couldn't really walk very well at the start. She has issues with her patella's slipping in both legs but that is another issue.

This is Tilly on 8/12/15 a month after her last treatment which was treatment five so not too bad at walking and getting around and climbing a few stairs. Good work Tilly and Tilly's owners for keeping the faith in me and giving me the opportunity to work on Tilly.

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